Ever heard of indoor air pollution? If not, you might want to pay attention. Scientific studies have shown that it really is a serious health threat. Like it or not, your heating and air conditioning vents can be a breeding ground for mold spores and bacteria. In fact, the air in some homes is as much as 100 times as polluted as the air outdoors. This is a cause for serious concern, no matter how healthy you happen to be.

While there are lots of ways to purify the air in your home, the easiest and most effective is to take the whole-home approach. Instead of trying to keep up with every single room in your home, you can sanitize your air before it even comes indoors. How? By using an ultraviolet (UV) air cleaner.

And just what is a UV light cleaner? Simply put, it’s an ultraviolet lamp that’s installed into your home’s ductwork. Hospitals and research facilities have been successfully using them for decades, but it’s only more recently that they’ve been made available for use in private homes. As germs and bacteria filter into your duct system, the UV lighting system destroys them before they can even get into the home. And when used correctly with air filtering system, a UV cleaner can kill almost 100 percent of the germs in your vents.

Getting a UV light cleaner installed isn’t all that difficult, either. All you have to do is put in a call to MAC. Besides giving you a free in-home air quality assessment, our air purification experts can also install your new UV lighting system and help you keep it running properly. So if breathing easier is something you’re interested in, call MAC. We’ll come out and clear the air for you.





I saved $3,000 by having Memphis Air Care coming out for their Free Second Opinion. The other company told me that my compressor was shot and it was going to be $2999 to replace the outside unit. After your men inspected the unit carefully they realized that the wire was broke off the terminal on the compressor. They replaced the wire and I had a/c again before they left. It is worth taking the time to get that Free Second Opinion. My recommendation is that you get Memphis Air Care to give you a second opinion . Thanks for saving my family their vacation fund.

Manuel…Memphis, Tn

Your guys were very respectful to me and my home and I would recommend you to anyone who has any problems with there a/c or heat. Thanks again.


I am so pleased for my new system that was installed in my home and it was $1,500 less for the same system the other company was going to install.


Thanks for taking the time to figure out why my home was cooler in one side and not the other side.

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