Our Story

MAC is a family owned and operated business. We are giving our customers they service they expect for the price they deserve. We are a family that knows how to treat your family. We service over 2,000 customers a year and are growing each year.

Your HVAC System is one of the most expensive repair/replacement cost in your home. We understand that and have knowledgeable staff to help you find a system that fits your comfort needs at the price you want. The last thing you want to do after you spend your hard earned money is to realize you either over paid or didn’t get what you paid for.

With MAC we give FREE SECOND OPINIONS to anyone that has had a system recently installed or was told they need a new one. When your A/C or Heat goes out during peak season people normally make rushed decisions and over pay just to be comfortable. Your comfort shouldn’t make your checkbook uncomfortable.

Heating Repairs100%
Air Conditioning100%
Air Duct Cleaning100%
Indoor Air Purification100%
Home Insulation100%
Year Round Maintenance100%

What Clients Say About Us

I saved $3,000 by having Memphis Air Care coming out for their Free Second Opinion. The other company told me that my compressor was shot and it was going to be $2999 to replace the outside unit. After your men inspected the unit carefully they realized that the wire was broke off the terminal on the compressor. They replaced the wire and I had a/c again before they left. It is worth taking the time to get that Free Second Opinion. My recommendation is that you get Memphis Air Care to give you a second opinion . Thanks for saving my family their vacation fund.

Manuel…Memphis, Tn